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SF Enduro II - take 2, 2 years later!

About 2 years ago Murphy of the Gestalt Haus infamy decided to put together and event he coined "Mixed terrain Enduro." His original description was something like, it's about 100 miles, with a metric ton of climbing, and any bike you pick will have a disadvantage. As it turned out, the ride left Golden Gate Park in SF, hit a few City locations, then ventured across the Golden Gate Bridge into the land if illegal singletrack, errr I mean Marin. So basically, lot's of road connecting a shite ton of fireroads up, some more really steep fireroads up and some hairball, crazy rocky descents down, and then you had to come back across the bridge. 2 years ago I did it on a rigid 29er singlespeed ouch!

This year...would be different....SF Enduro II
3/21/2010 account

Ouch Ouchie F*ck!

I did not pick the right gear. I shudda known after test riding the gear on a few dirt roads near my house that the gear selection would be too steep. Alas, I was dead-set on not letting the spinny g…

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